Downhole Technologies

Our Downhole Technologies segment creates and delivers downhole solutions that enable enhanced well economics, performance, and lifespan. The company is a leading researcher, developer, and manufacturer of engineered solutions to connect the wellbore with the formation in oil and gas well completions. The segment's solution-oriented product lines span the life of a well from initial toe-valve completion through end of life plug and abandonment. The segment has engineering, sales, laboratory, and manufacturing facilities located in Millsap, Benbrook and Lampasas, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; technical sales and services in Aberdeen, Scotland; and six U.S. distribution centers.

Completion Tools

Downhole Technologies' innovative line of unconventional well completion technologies include the patented SmartStart Plus® Time Delay Test + Frac Valve, QuickStart® Inject + Frac Valve, and EVOLV® + FracTrap™ Composite Plug System.

  • SmartStart PLUS® Time Delay Test + Frac Valve is a time-delayed pressure-activated sleeve that eliminates the need for tubing-conveyed perforating when completing the toe stage of horizontal wells. This technology allows the operator to meet maximum casing pressure test requirements. These valves are run as an integral part of the casing string.
  • QuickStart® Inject + Frac Valve provides the operator with an initial point to break down the formation and establishes a pump-in port for use in long horizontal completions. The device is comprised of an opening piston that is controlled by a special rupture disc. These valves are run as an integral part of the casing string.
  • EVOLV® + FracTrap™ Composite Plug System delivers a robust, compact frac ball conveyance and retrieval system, resulting in significant pump time and water savings on every stage because less water is required to seat the frac ball. Operators confidently run the frac ball in place without risk and are able to pressure test the well before perforating. The system is engineered to hold 10,000 lbs. of differential pressure and uses a setting kit that applies reliable, consistent setting force to set a fully composite EVOLV® plug.

Perforating Solutions

Downhole Technologies' advanced perforating technologies deliver a suite of shaped charges engineered to complement a broad range of perforating systems designed for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

    Conventional Shaped Charges

  • Patented Connex® reactive Clean Perforation Technology leads the shaped charge product family with clean, open tunnels independent of rock type, resulting in a much greater percentage of clean tunnels and ideal flow paths between the undamaged reservoir and the wellbore.
  • Razor® shaped charges are engineered for optimal deep-penetration and super-big-hole applications, designed so that the perforation tunnel escapes near-wellbore damage.
  • Basix™ shaped charges offer high performance at a budget-conscious price point for good-hole, big-hole, super-big-hole, and deep-penetrating perforating applications.

    Unconventional Shaped Charges

  • FracIQ® and Basix™ Frac shaped charges provide constant casing hole sizes, regardless of decentralized position, casing size, weight, and grade, for optimal pressure drop during frac. Limited entry perforating with FracIQ results in superior perforation efficiency during fracture stimulation when compared to conventional perforators, which traditionally exhibit a higher entry hole diameter variance across shot phasings.
  • HELLFire® limited-entry shaped charge technology and perforating systems deliver more clusters per stage with a planar shot configuration and short-bodied design that minimizes wireline tool string length.
  • SandIQ® shaped charges and perforating systems provide limited entry perforating with an "off ramp" for more efficient diversion of proppant. Perforating tunnels are tilted 45 degrees in the direction of fluid flow. Angled holes are engineered to create a physical diversion on the toe side of the casing for proppant to naturally flow into the formation.

    Perforating Systems

  • STRATX® is a factory-loaded, plug-and-play, wireline-conveyed, top-fired perforating system that is fully compatible with conventional, limited entry, planar shot phasing (HELLFire®), or angled perforating (SandIQ®) shaped charges.
  • Conventional perforating systems, conveyable via wireline and tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP), deliver industry-standard, high-shot density, and specialty perforating solutions in US domestic, offshore, and international markets. Matched with our family of shaped charges, these systems offer multiple configurations suited for high-temperature/high-pressure well environments.
  • TCP products include a broad range of firing heads, release assemblies, circulating/fill-up valves, production vents, gun hangers, hardware accessories, lifting equipment, and support plates.


  • Our power charges, ignitors, bi-directional boosters, and detonators complement perforating operations in conventional and unconventional applications.
  • For pipe recovery operations, Legacy® Jet Cutters are designed to cut common tubing and casing sizes without damaging the outer string. Cutter design facilitates effective cutting, ease of assembly, performance in high-pressure/high-temperature applications, and multiple conveyance options.

    Surface Systems

  • For wireline plug-and-perf operations, the segment's EPIC™ System encompasses seamless integration from the EPIC™ Command shooting panel to EPIC™ addressable switches in the perforating string. EPIC™ Command interfaces between the wireline and a logging system for state-of-the-art efficiency in perforating operations.
  • EPIC™ Test delivers an all-in-one pre-run testing, diagnostics, and configuration solution for perforating toolstrings equipped with EPIC™ Switches.
  • EPIC™ Switches are an intrinsically safe and feature-rich addressable digital technology, integrated into the STRATX® perforating system and also available as an industry-standard flying-leads packet switch.

Plug and Abandonment

Downhole Technologies' well abandonment equipment includes big-hole and super-big-hole shaped charges tailored for optimal performance, paired with a variety of high-shot density conventional perforating systems, and a suite of cast iron zonal isolation equipment.

  • IsoLoc™ shaped charges are custom designed to penetrate one or more inner strings of casing without penetrating the outermost string(s) during P&A or squeeze cementing operations. IsoLoc™ delivers large and consistent entrance holes in the casing using standard phasing for perforation distribution.
  • Eclipse™ super-big-hole charges, deployed in a high-shot density planar phasing configuration, are optimal for perforating and wash applications with maximum casing removal.
  • Razor® and Basix™ charges achieve big-hole and super-big-hole performance in many casing applications. Razor® low-debris super-big-hole charges minimize perforating debris.
  • Cast iron equipment includes wireline set bridge plugs and cement retainers; mechanically set bridge plugs and cement retainers; a hydro-mechanically set bridge plug; and wireline and mechanical setting tools.


Our services combine technical expertise, operational experience, and advanced technology to deliver optimal performance and customized solutions for our clients.

  • The Downhole Technologies segment's Technology Evaluation Center (GTEC) offers shaped charge development and optimization, charge performance benchmarking, perforating system development and testing, gun collapse testing, and customer-specific testing to evaluate perforating results in conditions representative of the downhole environment in which the product will be deployed.
  • Our experienced Simulation Services team uses iPerf® and additional software tools to provide guidance and insight in development of a perforating strategy that can be specific to one well or an entire field.
  • Wellsite Direct offers an innovative customer service model designed for wireline service companies providing plug-and-perf operations in the pumpdown perforating market. Wellsite Direct offers all-inclusive, hands-off support from rig-up to rig-down.
  • StageCoach™ is an analytics package that allows the operator to be more deliberate when selecting hole size and charge type for optimal sand distribution during frac without cost variances.

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