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OTC 2014
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OTC 2014

Offshore Technology Conference 2014

Reliant Park, Houston, Texas USA


The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has been held annually since 1969 and is Oil States' largest trade show event of the year. Held at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas, OTC provides an excellent venue for our staff to network with peers and to showcase our technological leadership to customers, partners and industry decision makes form around the globe.


This year's conference took place from May 5th-8th


Oil States Booth for OTC 2014

and was our 45th consecutive OTC. Attendance at this year's even reached a 30 year high of 108,300. All told, the sold-out exhibition featured more than 2,500 companies in offshore drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection, representing over 43 countries.


With its massive reach and scope, the event provided an escellent venue for Oil States' staff tomeet with peers and network with customers, partners and decision-makers from around the globe and to showcase our technological leadership.


The Oil States booth featured our core products and services and highlighted some of our latest technology developments. Product displays featured our pipeline fittings and repair systems, FlexJoint® connection systems, tubular connections and deck equipment. A show stopper included the Dual Director™, a 24,000lb., bi-directional piggable wye from Oil States QCS product line. Show visitors were also introduced to our newest products and models, including a deepwater pipeline repair system, Merlin™ HPDR, Merlin™ completion riser and VR connector.


Of course, networking and socializing is also an important part of OTC. Oil States' annual OTC Hospitality Receptions were held on Monday and Tuesday evenings, May 6th and 7th, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The events were well attended by our customers and associates and provided much needed relaxation and conversation after a long day at the convention.


This year's conference was a great success for Oil States, and we thank all the Oil States personnel who helped to bring it all together. Mark your calendar for next year's OTC, scheduled for May 4th-7th, 2015.


OTC 2014

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