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Oil States Teamwork
Oil States Teamwork

Oil States Industries comes through with a new set of 'First' for the New Year. Sales teams from five separate locations have combined their efforts in over a years' worth of negotiations to land a multi-million dollar contract for South America. This is the first time Oil States Industries Aberdeen, Arlington and Houston have successfully combined their efforts to negotiate and receive an aggregate Letter of Award that will be issued as three separate purchase orders and subsequent supply scopes.


Negotiations were led by the sales teams in Brazil and France. Houston Operations will supply Mechanical Pipeline Connectors that include the Remote Inline Connector and the newly designed Annular style Collet Connector. While the Remote Inline Connector (RIC) has been widely used in the Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean, this will be the first time the connector will be used in South America. Arlington Operations will supply FlexJoint® products and Aberdeen Operations will supply the RotoLatch™ Subsea Latch System for the Bottom Connector Assembly (BCA) and the buoyancy tank connection to the top of the two riser towers.


At the time of this article Houston Operations was receiving an additional Letter of Award to supply four Pipeline End Terminations (PLETs) for this field development as well. These awards come as a result of strong customer relation efforts form the Brazilian and French sales teams. It also demonstrates Oil States ability to successfully negotiate and execute complex projects across various continents and cultures. Congratulations to all the team members that helped make this a success.


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