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Downhole Technologies

Our Downhole Technologies segment, through the acquisition of GEODynamics, creates and delivers downhole solutions that enable enhanced well economics, performance and lifespan. The company is a leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of engineered solutions to connect the wellbore with the formation in oil and gas well completions. GEODynamics’ solution-oriented product lines span the life of a well from advanced perforating systems (including patented CONNEX® reactive perforating technologies, STRATX™ Perforating System, HELLFire® Perforating System, FracIQ® PRO Perforating System, and SandIQ™ PRO Perforating System) to an innovative line of unconventional well completion tools (including the patented SmartStart Plus® Time Delay Test + Frac Valve, FracTrap™ Composite FracPlug System, and the FracDock™ family of patented bigbore frac solutions) and well abandonment tools (including Legacy™ plugs and cement retainers, setting equipment, and jet cutters). GEODynamics has headquarters, engineering, sales, laboratory and manufacturing facilities located in Millsap, Texas; technical sales and services in Aberdeen, Scotland and six U.S. distribution centers. 

For more information about GEODynamics, please visit: https://www.perf.com

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