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Corporate Governance

At Oil States, we endeavor
to conduct ourselves with
the highest ethical standards
and integrity.

“We are pleased to provide Oil States’ 2024 Corporate Sustainability Report. As a technology-focused manufacturing and energy services company, Oil States continues to advance the future of affordable and reliable energy. As part of our strategy, we continue to support our traditional oil and gas customers with new technologies and best in class service while using our core expertise to enable pathways toward a lower carbon, multi-source energy mix to meet growing global demand.

We are proud of our low-carbon initiatives across our global operations. We will continue to strive for improvements in the health and safety of our employees, to further our own sustainability initiatives, to assist our customers in their decarbonization efforts, and to support the communities in which we work and live.” 
Cindy B. Taylor, President and CEO 
Cindy B. Taylor


Oil States 2024 Corporate Sustainability Report 


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