Corporate Governance

At Oil States, we endeavor
to conduct ourselves with
the highest ethical standards
and integrity.

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Corporate Governance

At Oil States, we recognize the importance of good corporate governance and high ethical standards and are committed to these standards.

Below we include documents for investors to understand the foundation of our corporate governance practices.

Oil States is committed to complying with all Code of Business Conduct and Ethics policies, including those regarding accounting standards, controls and audit practices. If you have concerns regarding Accounting Matters or Compliance Matters or Human Rights, you may report them with complete confidentiality to either the Chief Financial Officer or the Audit Committee through one of the following methods: 

By calling (800) 213-9470, an independent, toll-free Ethics Line established by the company


By sending an envelope marked “Confidential” to:
Oil States International
Three Allen Center
333 Clay Street, Suite 4620
Houston, Texas 77002
Attn: Chief Financial Officer or Audit Committee (as appropriate)

For Investor Relations Matters Contact:


Lloyd Hajdik
Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
(713) 652-0582

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