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We provide critical services
for the completion and
production phases of oil
and gas wells.

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Well Site Services

Oil States’ Well Site Services segment is a leading North American provider of completion and land drilling services. Our focus in Well Site Services is to serve exploration and production companies in the U.S., Canada, and internationally to facilitate more efficient, safe and cost-effective extraction of hydrocarbons.

In the U.S., Oil States provides completion services in many of the active basins due to our broad network of approximately 35 locations. Through our completion services business, we provide completion and production related services and equipment and personnel throughout the United States, with a growing focus towards international opportunities. We provide a broad range of completion services for both onshore and offshore operations, such as wellhead isolation equipment, flow back and well testing, wireline and coiled tubing support and production services in addition to technical expertise and service throughout the lifecycle of the well. Our comprehensive product lines include patented tools for various applications, and our equipment is critical in improving the efficiency and safety of our customers’ operations.

In addition to completion services, Oil States, through its CapStar subsidiary, provides land drilling services in the Rocky Mountain region. The CapStar fleet of 9 rigs is standardized on highly mobile, efficient rigs with small to medium depth capabilities. These rigs provide operators with a cost-effective option for development drilling applicable to our targeted market in the United States.


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