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We provide critical services
for the completion and
production phases of oil
and gas wells.

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Well Site Services

Our Well Site Services segment includes a broad range of equipment and services that are used to drill for, establish and maintain the flow of oil and natural gas from a well throughout its life cycle. In this segment, our operations primarily include completion-focused equipment and services and, to a much lesser extent, land drilling services in the United States. We use our fleet of completion tools and drilling rigs to serve our customers at well sites and project development locations. Our equipment and services are used in both onshore and offshore applications throughout the drilling, completion and production phases of a well's life cycle.

Employees in our Completion Services business typically rig up and operate our equipment on the well site for our customers. Our Completion Services equipment is primarily used during the completion and production stages of a well. We provide completion services through approximately 35 distribution locations serving our customers in the United States, including the Gulf of Mexico, and international markets. We own patents or have patents pending covering some of our technology, particularly in our wellhead isolation equipment and downhole extended-reach technology product lines.

Oil States’ Drilling Services business provides land drilling services in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Its fleet of nine rigs, with shallow to medium depth capabilities, provide operators with a cost-effective option for drilling.


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