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We design, manufacture and
sell capital equipment utilized
on floating production systems,
subsea pipelines, offshore
drilling rigs and vessels.

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Offshore/Manufactured Products

Deepwater Capital Equipment Provider

We have provided innovative technologies and industry-changing advancements for over seven decades. We design, manufacture and sell capital equipment utilized on floating production systems, subsea pipelines, offshore drilling rigs and vessels which is driven by investments in global deepwater production infrastructure. We are a worldwide leader in developing and providing flexible bearings and connectors for the most advanced floating and subsea structures, including drilling rigs, subsea pipelines and production platforms. We pioneered the modern methods for installing and leveling fixed platforms, and we developed the technology that has become the connector of choice for platform tethers, conductor casing, rigid risers and subsea pipelines. We primarily manufacture our products in Arlington, Houston and Lampasas, Texas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Houma, Louisiana; Aberdeen, Scotland, Singapore, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Brazil. We have additional sales and other supporting service locations in Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, England, France, Nigeria, Scotland, and in the UAE.

Production Platform Products

We design, manufacture, supply and service connectors and cranes for floating deepwater production platforms including tension leg platforms (TLP's), floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSO's), and SPAR's. Our connector products facilitate the production and export processes on the platform and, in the case of TLP's, help moor the platform to the seabed. Our connector products, including the FlexJoint® and Merlin™ connectors, are well accepted solutions in the industry and are semi-proprietary. In addition to connectors, we provide fairleads and winches in addition to light-duty platform cranes under the brand names Nautilus and SMATCO. We have one of the largest installed bases of any OEM in the offshore oilfield service industry.

Connector Products

Our FlexJoints® are installed on production and export risers of floating production systems. The increase in deepwater production has increased the demand for steel catenary risers (SCR) to transport the hydrocarbons (1) from the subsea wellheads to the production facility and (2) from the facility to the export pipelines. Manufactured from a combination of forged steel and elastomeric elements, our SCR FlexJoint® reduces the motion-induced stresses between a floating offshore facility and the riser. FlexJoints are capable of providing a free angular rotation ±20°, withstanding pressures in excess of 10,000 psi and axial tensions up to 3,500 kips. Our Merlin™ and TLE connectors improve the efficiency of installing TLP mooring connectors by limiting the number of offshore welds necessary to install the risers. Commercialized in 1991 with the installation on the Exxon Augur platform, the Merlin™ TLE connector was the first developed non-rotational connector for use in anchor tendons of TLP's. With circumferential teeth rather than helical threads, the Merlin™ connector is made-up and broken out by separating the teeth using hydraulic pressure. The use of Merlin™ connectors provides for installation efficiencies as the make-up time for Merlin™ connectors is a fraction of the time necessary to weld tendons or pipe offshore, reducing offshore vessel time and expenditures for operators during platform installation.

Pipeline Products

We are a leading manufacturer of subsea pipeline equipment for new construction, repairs and expansion of existing lines. Products include collet connectors, remote articulating connectors, valve products, pipeline end manifolds and terminations, tie in sleds and wye blocks. These products are essential for efficient flow of gas and oil products through the pipeline network from the well site to the production or refining facility. All pipeline products meet rigorous industry testing standards and have been proven to perform in the harshest, deepwater environments. 

Oil States also supplies pipeline repair products for repair of damaged pipelines in both shallow water and deepwater environments. Typical shallow water spool piece repair components include ball flanges, swivel ring flanges and GripLock™ mechanical end connectors. These products are manufactured on a quick turn-around basis to facilitate expedited repairs and reduce downtime. The Leak Repair Clamp (LRC) is available where damage is isolated to a smaller area and allows the pipeline to remain in service during the repair process. A modified version, called the HydroTap™, accommodates pipeline expansion and creates a tie-in point while the line is still flowing. The Deepwater Pipeline Repair System (DPRS) is utilized when a larger section of the pipeline must be replaced and requires remotely operated vehicle (ROV) interface due to water depth.

Drilling Rig Products

Through our Arlington and Houston, Texas and Houma, Louisiana facilities, we provide several products for floating drilling rigs. Our product line includes semi-submersible rig mooring systems and winches and drilling riser FlexJoints®. We also integrate blow-out preventer (BOP) systems and controls and fabricate coiled tubing and BOP lifting frames. Through our Brazil, Singapore and UK locations, we provide drilling riser repair and storage services.

Our Oil States Industries subsidiary also produces elastomer and connector products used in the onshore oil
and gas industry as well as defense and aerospace industries.

Trusted Source of Innovation

  • Oil States invented the now standard method for installing and leveling fixed platforms.
  • Oil States designed the first non-rotating, snap-on connections for TLP tethers, conductor casings, risers and subsea pipelines.
  • Oil States introduced a breakthrough FlexJoint® technology as a frictionless, maintenance-free alternative to the ball joint and with it dramatically changed the offshore petroleum industry.
  • Oil States products were used for the first earthquake seismic bearing in the United States and for the creation of dock hinges for the Alyeska terminal.
  • Oil States engineered, constructed and installed the world’s first steel catenary riser for a floating production system in Brazil.
  • Oil States was the prime contractor for the world’s first titanium drilling riser.

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