Products & Services

Products & Services

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Oil States Industries, Inc. provides innovative solutions to four markets:

We design and manufacture flexible elements and advanced connectors for offshore facilities and subsea pipelines. We also design and manufacturer a complete line of offshore cranes and mooring systems. Oil States creates products for repairing, maintaining and constructing subsea pipelines and provides custom fabrication of complex subsea structures.


We are a leading manufacturer of downhole products for drilling, well serving and production. Our products include a variety of elastomeric products, packer elements, clutches and brakes for drawworks, spheres and pipeline plugs and launchers and receivers.


We manufacture a broad line of shock and noise isolators and piping joints for military, marine and aircraft usage. A specially designed FlexJoint® allows flexibility in critical piping systems while sealing against high pressure. Our company has extensive experience in developing new products for noise attenuation using elastomeric materials.


We manufacture highly durable clutches and brakes for the mining, paper, logging and marine industries. Our company also designs and manufactures a wide variety of bearing elements for seismic, wind, turbine and offshore dock-hinge applications. We also provide contract custom mixing, molding, machining and fabrication for other manufacturers in a variety of industries.

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Oil States Industries, Inc. Oil States Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Oil States International, Inc. Oil States International, Inc.
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