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Floating Production Systems

Flexibility for Mooring and Production Systems
Oil States Industries is widely recognized for designing, analyzing and building elastomeric flexural components for mooring, drilling and riser production system needs. For TLP mooring system applications, combined FlexJoint® installations at the top and bottom terminations of the tethers are designed to allow large angular deflections and accommodate all loads and motions imposed by storm conditions. FlexJoint® limit the bending stress in mooring tubes by accommodating all combinations of angular, tension and radial forces. Optional inflatable seals can be provided at the tether upper end to permit additional buoyancy inside the column. In addition, OSI designs and builds drilling riser FlexJoint for floating drilling vessels. Our FlexJoint® have been used at both the top and bottom of risers in up to 6,000 ft. water depths.

Oil States also supplies production riser FlexJoint® that allow the riser to flex in any direction, yet maintain a seal under high internal operating pressures and high-tension forces. Combining these FlexJoint® with elastomeric tensioners provides a maintenance-free production riser system, eliminating all active air and hydraulic requirements.

Oil States also designs workover and completion riser FlexJoint® to accommodate angular motions due to platform offsets, as well as motions from thermal contraction and expansion.  

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