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Drilling Risers

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Diverter FlexJoint

Diverter FlexJoint®

Intermediate FlexJoint
Intermediate FlexJoint®

Subsea FlexJoint

Subsea FlexJoint®

Oil States Industries introduced the FlexJoint® to the offshore petroleum industry over 25 years ago as a flexible, frictionless, maintenance-free alternative to the standard ball joint. Today, Oil States FlexJoint® are used in applications throughout the world under hostile drilling conditions that require:

   • A reliable and cost-effective leak proof connection
   • A low angular stiffness while under high axial tensions and extreme internal pressures
   • A means of reducing the bending stresses in the riser and the reaction forces to the BOP stack
   • An omni-directional angular flexing capability
   • A source to help dampen vibrations and accommodate shock loadings
   • The ability to operate in an H2S environment

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Drilling Riser Contacts

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