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We provide critical services
for the completion and
production phases of oil
and gas wells.

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Completion Services

Our Completion Services business, which is primarily marketed through the brand names Oil States Energy Services (OSES), Falcon and Tempress, provides a wide range of services used in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, including: wellhead isolation services; flowback and frac valve services; wireline and coiled tubing support services; well testing; downhole extended-reach technology; pipe recovery systems; thru-tubing milling and fishing services; hydraulic chokes and manifolds; blowout preventers; and gravel pack and sand control operations on wellbores.  The business has developed a strong reputation for excellence, technology, competence and reliable service as well as one of the highest quality fit-for-purpose equipment fleets in the industry.

Wellhead Isolation

Utilizing our patented technology and a highly experienced workforce, OSES designs, manufactures and operates specialty wellhead isolation and wellhead tools that offer protection and performance during the pressure pumping process and in multi-zone fracturing operations. We are a leading provider of isolation tool services, including our stage frac isolation tool and ball launcher, in North America and internationally. Through our proprietary wellhead isolation tools, we allow pressure pumping companies to operate in a safe manner, protecting an operator's production wellhead from the effects of pressure and abrasion that occur during the frac process, along with greater efficiencies during multi-zone completions. In addition, we service and provide frac stacks that temporarily replace the production wellhead during the pressure pumping process and allow high pressures and high volumes of proppant to pass down to the formation.

Well Testing and Flow Back

After the completion process, an operator needs to remove the sand and other material from the wellbore and test the quality of the well production. These processes are known as flow back and well testing. We provide these services to a variety of customers throughout some of the most active regions across North America. Well testing utilizes a high quality fleet of manifolds, sand separators and testing units as well as a highly experienced work force to provide customers with timely and accurate measurements.

Wireline and Coiled Tubing Support

OSES is a leader in providing tools and services related to pressure control in workover and completion operations. We offer an extensive line of support equipment for both electric line and slickline operations, in addition to coiled tubing support equipment and pipe recovery, through-tubing and gravel pack services. These services enable operators and other service companies to monitor, regulate and control pressure within the well, thereby increasing safety and efficiency during high pressure situations. 

Other Production Services

OSES offers a wide range of production related equipment and services. We offer sand control equipment and personnel, specialize in completion fluids applications, integrate hydraulic manifolds, frac heads, control heads, washpipe and handling equipment to support multiple completion operations. By integrating top of the line equipment with trained and experienced personnel, we have become a leading provider of completion services.

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